Access Numbers

Listed below are the Access Numbers. Pick a state to get a list of access numbers to places coming under each region.

Access Numbers - Get your access number from the list below

BATON ROUGE 225-906-5326
LAKE CHARLES337-405-0384
MORGAN CITY985-383-0221
NEW IBERIA337-608-0511
NEW ORLEANS504-210-4798
OPELOUSAS 337-323-0381
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Jay's Telecom is a prepaid calling service from the U.S. and Canada that gives you big savings on calls to family and friends around the world. Call from any phone:home, cell, office or hotel. It is easy to use and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dialing Instructions
  1. Dial access number from your registered line.
  2. Dial your destination number. (011+ Country Code + Destination Number)

Important: Do not press send/call key from your cell phone after dialing the destination number.

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Client Testimonials

“I make a lot of calls to India and the Middle East and I am now saving a lot of money.” - Thomachen Mukalel, Dallas

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